About M Legal Solutions

We are the first startup
focused legal and business consulting firm
established in Georgia.

With a new and dramatically improved customer experience as our guide, we are developing a consultancy platform that responds our clients’ needs in a fast and proactive way. We work directly with the companies and individuals, in person or remotely, meeting regularly and getting to know their business from top to bottom and become a part of your team. We reinvent and enhance how services are packaged and priced to make consulting costs straightforward and predictable for startup budgets. We recruit experienced startup advisors so that clients know that only highly qualified professionals serve their business needs.

We chose our prime location Tbilisi due to plenty attractive reasons – starting from the ease of setting up and operating a business, low maintenance costs, friendly tax system and others. Our consultants will support you in each step of the process whether you want to set up your business, diversify banking, move your business to Georgia and many more.

Client service is one of the core value of our consulting business. And as a result, we received excellent client satisfaction ratings from our clients.

They know the landscape very well, including the expectations of the supervisory authorities. Young team, smart and well-connected.
Founder, Fintech

company, Germany